Cannasseur Cup 2022

Finally we’re back

After 2 years on hold due to the restrictions by the Government we’re back and as promised after the 1st edition, the 2nd will be better and much more professional then ever.

In this 2 years a lot of new discoveries on the scientific level has appeared about the Cannabis plant and the first Cup worldwide, The Emerald Cup in United States included the seperation of Cannabis Flower after their Terpenprofile. Why that?

The research shows that the effect of smoked or vaped cannabis is related to their Terpenprofile and not after the Mythdeclarations “Sativa” (uplifting) and “Indica” relaxing. These effects can be different to every  human.

We decided to follow that road and we give you more Informations about over the next days here.

The Cannasseur Master Flower

This new Category is for Growers on the Canary Islands only.

The Cultivator has to be connected to a Canarian CSC in which these Flavours are available for the members. We have public and also professional judges for this category.

Just 1 sample allowed per Club and Grower.

The Winner get’s the ring.


The Winner will receive a gold ring worth €3000.-

The Countdown is on - Sample Entries till :

Countdown Timer Expired

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